Prima Rad

PrimaRad is a saudi MOH approved teleradiology company that provides 24/7 online, remote, comprehensive, state-of-the-art teleradiology services at a cost effective rates without jeopardizing the quality of services to our clients.
Ministry of health approval number : 072-102-100-150-10001

"Our clients will benefit from reduced radiological costs, high expert readings and increased temporal coverage provided by Prima Rad tele-radiology. Advanced examination such us CT Coronary and MRI Spectroscopy are easily reformatted and reported."


To become the leading teleradiology service provider both nationally and internationally while maintaining highest quality of reporting and superior customer service.


  • Both patients and physicians are happy because they get the highest quality of reports within the shortest period of time.
  • You will save a lot of money. Pay per case system will reduce a lot of your costs. We can cover your everyday large number of cases.
  • Prima Rad can even cover your staff during their annual or urgent vacations.


Teleradiology is a USA, gulf area and world wide approved secure method for transmission of radiological images, such as x-rays, CTs, and MRIs, from one location to another for the purposes of interpreting these studies by an off-site radiologist.

So Prima Rad is ...

Affordable: Reduces costs. No hidden or extra fees.

Help You to Increase Profits: By increasing the number of cases done every month.

Reliable: You can depend on us to deliver you the best quality of reports even for urgent cases or during vacations of your staff.

Fast: Fast delivery of reports is guaranteed.

Free to Try: Free trial period is always available so that you can know the kind of service and support you are going to get from Prim a Rad.


Prima Rad will give you free initial site visits to your institution in order to tailor a solution specifically suitable for your needs. Then there will be other free periodic site visits to make sure that this solution is still fitting your everyday changing demands.

Prima Rad will completely handle the initial setup, connectivity and training at no extra charges.

Prima Rad consultants from all over the world will be available 24/7, not just to do readings, but also to answer questions, if needed for clarification. Reports for urgent cases will be ready within 2 hours while other reports will be ready within 24 hours.

The Scope of Our Services

We can even train your technicians to do advanced techniques, such as CT coronary


We read and diagnose al X-ray examination including the X-ray techniques, such as Barium studies for alimentary tract, GU functional studies as IVU, ascending cystourethrography and others.


Reading, interpreting and diagnosing various CT examination of different body parts including the the advanced CT techniques (such as CT of the heart and coronary arteries) and CT angiography.

Nuclear Medicine

We also diagnose the nuclear medicine techniques, including the bone scan, thyroid scan, thalium and galium techniques. We can also diagnose your specialized functional techniques as the cardiac and renal isotopic scans.


Diagnosing the ultrasonographic studies for all body parts (including small parts) as well as the colored Doppler techniques for the vascular systems of all body parts by highly specialized and trained consultants.


Diagnosing and reporting the conventional MRI studies including MRI brain, spine, extremities, Joints (including small joints) as well as the advanced MRI techniques of the breast, abdomen and MRI spectroscopy

Advanced CT and MRI

We can remotely train your technicians and Doctors to perform the advanced CT and MRI techniques when needed

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